Signaling the Arrival

Palestine has always had a wealth of natural talent, unfortunately, with the advancements in Coaching, Sports Science and Sports Management, natural talent alone can only reap so many rewards.  This is about to change in Palestine.

Last weekend, Mohamed “Tyson” Rabie (22) and Eslam Irsheid (17) signaled the arrival of a new era of Palestinian Boxing, Tyson winning by TKO and Eslam by unanimous points decision in the finals. Coach Nader Jayousi has been instrumental in nurturing their talents. Nader, a law student by day, cant hide his passion, pride and excitement with what the future holds, not only for ‘Tyson’ and Eslam, but for a whole new generation of Palestinian Athletes.

“Sport in the Middle East has traditionally not been taken very seriously, the value of sport in positive community engagement, health and education is largely under valued” said Jayousi.  “We are committed to changing this perception, we acknowledge it will be difficult, like constantly swimming against the current, but determination can accomplish amazing things” he added.

Palestine MMA is working with a local team in Palestine, along with Rise Global Australia, to provide the infrastructure and to develop the local expertise to support the continued development of Palestinian athletes and Palestinian sports in general. Palestine MMA is currently trying to attract support and is tentatively scheduled for an official launch, starting in the West Bank, in September 2012.

Palestine MMA is a non-profit initiative to help develop the capacity to deliver world-class sports programs in Palestine and provide athletes like ‘Tyson” and Eslam with every opportunity to excel at the highest possible levels.

Palestine is ready, the question is, are you ready for Palestine? Our new National Champions have signaled the arrival, now look forward to hearing a lot more from Tyson, Eslam, Coach Jayousi and Palestine MMA in the coming weeks, months and years.

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Photograph Courtesy of Majd Hendi

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