Foundation Programs

For People of All Ages & Abilities

Our foundation programs are ‘entry level’ programs. They are designed to get everyone active in fun and interactive programs. You don’t need have any background in martial arts or sport in general, just be enthusiastic about health, fitness, having fun and making friends.

Our foundation programs have a fitness and fun focus designed to build general fitness and foundation skills, such as movement, rhythm, balance, strength, flexibility, coordination and more.

Foundation programs  include activities such as: 

  • Aerobics, Yoga, Boxing Circuits, Capoeira, Movement & Basic Grappling

With a specific focus on developing fundamental movement skills in children, foundation programs are open to people of all ages and abilities, starting at age 4. Details of programs to be released soon!

Please do not hesitate to contact us , should you have any questions or queries -we are looking forward to hearing from you