Karate is a Martial Art and Combat Sport  founded in Japan which uses punches, kicks, knees and elbow strikes – some forms of Karate will also teach grappling, locks, restrains and throws. Karate has been referred to by some Masters as “as the conflict within oneself or as a life-long marathon which can be won only through self-discipline, hard training and one’s own creative efforts”. For many practitioners, karate is a deeply philosophical practice and teaches ethical principles above all else. Lyoto Machida would be considered among the most successful Karate practitioner to also compete in Mixed Martial Arts.

Karate is a great pursuit for those wishing to learn new skills, build confidence or have aspirations of competing at a higher level. It is great for also providing structure, building character, respect and discipline. We offer a variety of Karate classes to people of all abilities.

Class times: To be advised

For Ages: 8+

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