Gym Membership

We are a non-profit organization and every effort is made  to ensure the programs remain as affordable and accessible as possible. We need your support in order to keep delivering the services required to deliver a quality program. We remain committed to ensuring a sustained contribution is made to the development of Palestinian sport at all levels.

What You Get

Gym membership entitles you to full use of Palestine MMA facilities and full access to any one of our existing programs. With a range of programs to choose from, you can effectively train in one or all of the programs on offer or simply come down to get some exercise as part of our foundation programs.


Costs and Pricing Structure will be released as soon as possible.

How do I become a Member

Details will be released soon. In the meantime, please contact us to register your interest and as soon as we are up and running, we will process your membership. Be one of the first Palestine MMA Gym Members!!