Street Team

Our ‘Street Team’ is made up of a group dedicated, fun and exciting individuals who devote their spare time to representing our unique cause in their various cities all over the world. They share our values, passion and vision and are active in building support for the program.

They are the engine which drives the programs and are responsible for:

  • Promoting Palestine MMA in their respective communities, cities or countries
  • Committing to conducting regular fundraising events and activities
  • Actively seeking support and sponsorships
  • Recruiting like minded and passionate volunteers that share the same enthusiasm and vision
  • Bringing their unique creativity and ideas to help drive the program further

By joining the Palestine MMA Street Team you are eligible for special promotions, discounts, Palestine MMA T-shirt and certificate. It is ultimately an opportunity to connect and make friends with like minded people and contribute to a fantastic cause

Contact us to learn more about how you can join our International Street Team.